Internship Program – a partnership between Bavaria and the United States

The Program So Far:
Transatlantic relations, in particular relations between the US and Germany, have been a strategic component of geopolitical security policy for decades. New, serious challenges with great risks for the security of nations, companies and individuals require constantly new forms of cooperation. Cyber ​​threats and their mastery are high up on the lists of governments and corporate executives. This framework was the motivation for a special partnership between the USA and Bavaria. Markus Geier, CEO of Munich’s Cyber ​​Security consultancy ComCode, and advisor to the Munich Security Network, had the idea of ​​a Cyber Security cooperation "USA - Munich". The impulse for this was his son’s study abroad at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. Champlain has an outstanding focus on Cyber ​​Security and Digital Forensics, and both are central topics at ComCode and in the Munich Security Network. The idea was realized with the start of the pilot project in the summer of 2017 where ComCode welcomed the first intern to Germany. After successful completion of the first internship in the field of Cyber Security, the thoughts for the coming years were to expand this program and offer companies in Munich and greater Bavaria the opportunity of employing qualified students during the months of May – August.

After our successful pilot internship with one student in 2017, we were happy to expand the program and welcome a group of 4 interns to Bavaria in 2018 and double it to 8 interns in 2019. Jenna, who had completed the junior year of her Digital Forensics major prior to arriving in Germany, learned that “passionate discussions and relationships are not confined to one country or culture”. As the summer 2019 program was coming to an end, another intern named Denzel mentioned that “it was a pleasure to be part of the internship program, giving us connections that can prospectively expand the international network of Digital Forensics & Cyber Security”. Statements like these, as well as the positive feedback of the participating companies, motivate us to further expand this program, emphasizing the importance of global collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.

What’s Next And How Does It All Work?
Looking ahead to the coming years, our goal is to further expand this transatlantic partnership. Champlain College is rich in talented and qualified interns in the fields of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security, and Bavaria has great companies that will help the interns gain experience as well as benefit themselves from the knowledge and motivation she / he brings during the program. To make this program easy for companies to take advantage of, ComCode will act as the organizer and coordinator of all the internships, no matter the actual company / employer the candidate will be at. This will be done by ComCode offering an internship package to companies that includes a preselection of qualified interns, planning of all travel related tasks, as well as the immigration and hiring process of the candidate. This will leave the interested company simply having to choose the intern they want from the preselected list, conducting an interview if necessary, and making the final hiring decision. All compensation to the intern will go through ComCode, meaning the company simply pays ComCode for the whole internship package. The amount of the compensation and housing accommodations will be decided on a case to case basis. We welcome all Bavarian companies that are open to interns in the fields of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics to be part of this new transatlantic partnership.

For consolidated information about the program please take a look at this PDF: Internship Program PDF

Here you will find an article from Champlain College about the internship program.

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