Cybersecurity Strategy

Dependency on digital processes is on a constant rise. The security of these digital infrastructures is a key factor in the overall success of a company. Together with the client, we work on an appropriate security strategy, which is the crucial element of cybersecurity as a whole. This strategy reflects the necessity and principles of cybersecurity in the company.

The security strategy is derived directly from the corporate strategy, digital strategy, the status quo of cybersecurity in the company. The security strategy is initiated by the company’s management and becomes the starting point of all other activities for the implementation of cybersecurity. ComCode discusses a holistic and realistic cybersecurity strategy with the client. The procedure then happens in feasible and repeatable steps with the goal of involving all departments.

We offer the following services:

  • SecStrategy Check
    Checking the current cybersecurity situation in the company, which internal and external security requirements exist, and which actions have priority
  • SecStrategy Concept
    Development of a holistic strategy concept including all safety aspects such as Technology - Processes - Organization - Human
  • SecFocus Concept
    Development of dedicated concepts for specific security challenges, risks, and vulnerabilities (possibly based on SecStrategyConcept)

    Possible solutions could be a make or buy strategy, modernization, and/or new digital services (e.g. Remote vs. Field Services).

In the services stated above, the following topics are considered:

  • The company's strategy in areas such as innovation, growth, agility
  • Current IT and digitization strategy
  • Current threats and risks
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Project portfolio
  • IT infrastructures
  • IT applications
  • IT service management
  • IT establishment/operations
  • Sourcing strategy

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