Digitization Strategy

The digitization of the business world allows entirely new business models to emerge in all industries. The digital transformation, with all its related topics such as the Internet-of-things, Industry 4.0, and Trade 4.0, demands change within companies in order to assure competitiveness. New data protection rules (EU GDPR) have direct influence on it must be considered accordingly. To assure a successful transformation, a very concrete and thought out strategy is needed.

We offer the following services:

  • DigiCheck
    Checking the current situation in the company, which internal and external security requirements exist, and which actions have priority
  • DigiStrategy Concept
    Development of a holistic strategy concept including all aspects such as Technology - Processes - Organization - Human
  • DigiFocus Concept
    Development of dedicated concepts for specific security challenges, risks, and vulnerabilities (possibly based on DigiCheck)

    Possible solutions could be a make or buy strategy, modernization, and/or new digital services (e.g. Remote vs. Field Services).

In the services stated above, the following topics are considered:

  • Roles and responsibilities for the digital strategy / organizational structure
  • Extent of digitization of business processes
  • Demand of internal and external employees
  • Relevance of Internet-Of-Things for the company
  • SmartFactory
  • Supply Chain
  • Cybersecurity as a feature of digital services
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Old and new business models
  • Transitions
  • Consideration of feasibility (economically, technically, personnel-wise)
  • Technological basis (applications, infrastructures, cloud)
  • Communication strategy (internal, external)
  • Make or Buy
  • Agility and Quality
  • Smart Energy

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